August 17th, 2004

Urban Decay

Improptu Ashtray

I took these on my way home from work today. Saw the standpipe during lunch and made a point to go back. I guess it's better than just dumping them on the street?

This first one is probably my least favorite of the three but I think it's important for the other two for context, so that the viewer knows they are looking at a standpipe.

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Liberty State Park, NJ

Lovely decay here!
The first pics are of the old train station. This is where immigrants would board trains after their long ordeal at Ellis Island. The pics by the water I took while we were waiting for the ferry out to the island. These are the old loading docks. It's quite amazing here...the bricks used to pave the entire area are made of wood, and the old train station is a fantastic sight. They are doing quite a bit of repair on the station itself, but it looks like the platform itself is not under repair.
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