August 18th, 2004

Smoking Statham


just joined and thought i would share some photos too :). these photos r of an abandoned mental hopsital bout 20min from me. jus a lil back ground info of it. it was open from 1902-1972. it was started by Dr. Zeller. he claimed that this was a safe and good environment but many people who lived near disagree. they talk bout weird things that went on. an old boss of mine, his mom worked there and told bout the torture that happened. im trying to get better pics of some of the abnormal things they have inside. i have bout 80 pics right now, and plan to go back to get more pics inside the buildings and within the tunnels. the tunnels r all underground and sposedly form a maze and is where the most abnormal stuff happened. i havent had the right equipment to go down and see myself. need very big lights and a way to not get lost :). im gonna post 3 at a time each time a post. hope they r enjoyable, ive found myself obsessed with the place.

all photos were taken by me with a digital camera. if anyone would like to kno more, jus contact me..u can find out how in my userinfo.

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Urban Decay

Rusted Pipe

I took this yesterday with my telephoto lens. I worked on it slightly in Photoshop to make it look a little less washed out, but I really think that I needed to have my UV filer on. Problem is, I can’t seem to find it. Anyway, I still found it to be a pretty cool looking pipe.

my name up in lights

Filthy Mess

Stumbled across this site and thought I'd share it. There's some urban decay going down in the galleries that should be of interest - mainly NYC. While the site is significantly out of date I found I had to like the tone of it.

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Mountain Springs Hotel, Ephrata, PA

photos from yesterday

this is the only part that is being kept. originally the owners mansion. But in the later years it was convert into a hospital after a young boy was hit by a car out front. My uncle was born there.

this is the result of the destruction I witnessed today.

more photos can seen here

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I will post 10 year old photos of the inside when I get them scanned.