August 26th, 2004


More Northern Quarter

Thanks for the comments, everybody seemed to love the rainbow ring on the door so here is another shot taken further away. I wonder who went to the effort of posting all those photos there?

These weird little cartoons seem to have been pasted around the city.
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saw these while doing some housekeeping and thought i had to share with everyone because they are so good.
these pictures stir my very soul and hit me on so many levels i could bore you all to tears. but being a graffiti writer myself then that is supposed to happen... there is something so special about dirty trains and bright coloured spraypaint. ugly and beautiful, destructive and creative all at the same time.
anyway on with the goodness... new york subway pics taken between '74 and '81. these are just a few random ones i picked out but i have HUNDREDS of these.

oh and while i am at it, i am almost out of free webspace. anyone have any good ideas for reliable hotlinking?
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Duwamish walk & West Seattle

Went for a walk down along the Duwamish river, the area just before it dumps into the sound. Some could say the Duwamish itself is decaying. In the first image that's the Seattle skyline in the far back. After that, I explored a new area of West Seattle. What lives in the hole?

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