September 2nd, 2004



Took a trip out to the Pacific Northwest last week, and visited Portland for the first time. One of the things I particularly loved about the city was their re-use of the facades of old buildings to enclose new structures like parking lots. While of course I'd rather they kept the old buildings themselves, at least they're saving part of them.

Old Building, New Use
Old Building, New Use

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Former Radisson Hotel

The former Radisson off of I-75 in Sharonville, Ohio. It's been empty for a coupla years and just sat there getting covered in weeds. they left the building fully furnished and stocked, in hopes of that being a selling point to offload the site quickly. Not so quickly later, they hd a liquidation firm come thru and sell off the contents of the building. Pretty much anything was for sale. Carpet, wallpaper, all the furnishings, wall mount A/C units. Everything but the bathrooms. My wife bought an iron. I went running off like a crazed weasel to take pictures of anything I could and trying any door that I thought I could get past. I have lots of pictures, but most of them look like any other hotel interior.

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Urban Decay

Fixing a hydrant

There was a leaky fire hydrant on my home that someone had been fixing. I didn’t see the person but they left their wrench and two buckets filled up with water. The wrench is not leaning on the hydrant but another pipe. I love how they look like a pair since they are rusted the same color.

I also have a manipulated, none decay looking, version here that I would love people's opinions on.
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my name up in lights

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The last big industrial facility on Toronto's waterfront is Redpath Sugar

I suppose we love our sweets. Either way I was cycling by hotels, condos, parking lots and abandoned stuff and a ship was unloading. Like many cities we've kinda lost our connection to things maritime with the passing of the industrial economy.

Still, it hangs on at Redpath...

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