September 8th, 2004

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Wrinkled Cat's-Eye

On my way home from work today, I was taking pictures of random things with my new camera.
I stopped for a moment to take this picture of a rather decrepit-looking cats-eye road-stud:

(click the image for the huge original picture)

The whole is is only about half a foot wide, I photographed it in macro-mode to bring out the detail in the decaying rubber.
That road is a little-used dead-end in Dundee, only used by the two adjacent houses and by learner drivers attempting three-point-turns.

I think that this bit of road used to be part of a main road, superceded and cut off by more recent road-building nearby.
That would explain the unnecessary (and unmaintained) road-markings.

(a healthy cats-eye should look more like the one here, this one's missing its "eyes")
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Biltmore for less...

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A friend forwarded me some pictures taken this afternoon in Biltmore Estates Village, Asheville, NC ...
that's about 3 miles from where we used to live...
the place is flooding.

Click the Biltmore sign to browse through the other images

My uncle works at "The Stables" as a server...
I don't think he needs to go to work tomorrow...

I just realized that the crematorium where my mother was taken is just out of frame in some of these pictures...
what happens to the bodies if they can't get them relocated before the water comes in?...
and what happens in kennels?
and oh no, the antiques mall! wow.
that sucks.
things like this always peak my morbid curiousity...
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