September 12th, 2004

Clear blk-n-wht

Saint Paul, MN

Two images.

First is a church that as you can see has a borded up window. It's a beautiful building, but the city built a bulding next to it and it covered the stained glass. So not it's boarded up.

This is the old Schmidt's brewery when they used to make Pig's Eye and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Hope you like them.
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It's been a while... now some apocalyptica...

I thought you guys might appreciate this almot 'post apocalyptic' view from Essex, England.

The colour in the sky is produced entirely from a large city on the left hand side. A rather nasty show of light pollution :)

I love the way the photo blends from the cloudy, 'urban' area on the left to the clear, star-filled sky on the right.

Hope you like it.

Ipswich, Essex, UK - Post Apocalyptic...
Ipswich, Essex, UK - Post Apocalyptic...

You can see some more on my photography site.

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This isn't a great photo - it was a cloudy day yesterday - but I couldn't resist getting a shot of the monstrous hole that the Perth City Council has punched into the middle of the city.
There's a new train line being built underneath the city, and all the buildings lining William Street have been torn down layer by layer. It's beginning to look like an asteroid fell to earth.

Urban un-Decay

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

One evening earlier this year I was meandering around Toronto while I was waiting for an event to start. On a whim, I wandered into an alleyway behind a row of buildings in the Annex. What I found was quite stunning, and relatively unknown. All the times I've been in the city since then I haven't had my cameras, but yesterday I finally managed to get around to photographing it."

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