September 28th, 2004


carpenters rd, stratford. london e.15

we had been walking for miles; starting in the city at liverpool street station, up through shoreditch & bethnal green to victoria park and followed the canal 'til we reached here.

not yet subject to the rapacious development happening further into the centre of stratford, it's just a matter of time now before it gets swallowed up by even more poncey luxury flats and dodgy public art. historically, a thoroughly shitty enclave to the north east of the city, stratford has been undergoing a rapid period of gentrification, ready for the arrival of a new international rail link.

known as "stinktown" in the distant past, the slaughter houses, mills and other assorted factories that originally lined the local river pumped out all sorts of wicked smells, making the area uninhabitable to anyone but the very poorest working classes. and for centuries, it didn't improve all that much either.

now, with a shiny new train station already in place, it is making a bid to host the 2012 olympics, spawning coffee shops and cheap chain hotels at an impressively speedy rate and all the priced out cockneys continue their traditional journey up the thames into essex where their delinquent kids wear stall bought burberry with abandon and joyride their neighbours cars.

this particular road is, as i said, just out on the outskirts of the area, in the no mans land between stratford & bow, where the proposed olympic site may or may not be. like much of the outer boroughs of east london, it's still pretty bleak and industrial and despite my pretending to the contrary at the time, it wasn't where i anticipated we would end up when we left the canal towpath. just in my lifetime, actually, the last 7 years even, the area has changed so much; no doubt by the time i post this, go to bed and wake up tomorrow, this road will be home to another smattering of purpose built apartment blocks and house prices will have risen another 5%

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i'll be going to the baltimore area very soon.
i've seen a few posts regarding a prison in pennsylvania where some fantastic pictures have been taken.
if anyone can point me in the right direction to find it, i would be ever so appreciative.
being completely from the south i am not familiar with the area AT ALL and would love some help to maximize my time.

and any places in the d.c., baltimore, near there area, i'd love it and i promise to post pictures of whatever i find.

Adelphi Theater. Chicago, Illinois.

Since this is a very image intensive exploration of the Adelphi Theater, I am going to split it into two posts for your viewing pleasure. For those of you not familiar with the layout of Chicago, this theatre is located in the northern section of the city. When it was built it was close to the lakeshore, but the city used landfill to extend out into the lake, and this location is now about a mile off of the lake.

I was able to gain access to this dilapidated beauty by the kind permission of the new owner/rehabber. I would provide a link to his website, but it seems to be experiencing some technical difficulties.

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