October 7th, 2004

Goth Kenny Dance

:: Images missing ::

:: I had posted some images to some Live Journals and they are down. Sorry about that, I had the images linked to my Geocities web page. The problem is I have a free account at Geocities and I get a lot of traffic so Geocities shuts my page down about twice a day for pulling too much band width. To avoid this I will use PhotoBucket from now on. ::

:: To view the Photos I have posted visit;

> http://photobucket.com/albums/v466/skulz/

> Skulz <

:: The missing image is;

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mural clyde aspevig

Street Art Suggestions?

Does anyone know if there's a good graffiti/street art community around here? I don't like the "bitch 'n hoes" type of graffiti with words you can't read but more like murals and especially stencils that are spray-painted onto random surfaces. Also, do you have any recommendations for good websites on this subject?



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