October 12th, 2004


New guy on the block

Hey all, recently joined this community and love the photos being shared here. I've got a lot to share from my explorations here in Utica NY...These are of an abandoned school on Taylor Ave. in the Cornhill district of Utica, taken today during my wanderings.


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:: Jackson Ward ~ Richmond, Virginia. ::

:: The following photos were taken in the Jackson Ward area of Richmond, Virginia. ::

> Note to testytree  : that building you posted here on 09 October? Look at the 3rd & 4th photos behind the cut.

:: Warehouse with sign noting "for rent/sale". ::

:: Note, there are 7 more photos behind the cut. All the size of the above image. ::

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:: Pushing the rules? ::

:: Yea, I know, it doesn't look urban, but this is right in the middle of the city of Richmond, Virginia. So I think it fits. lol ::

:: Belle Isle & the James River cut through the middle of the city. In the middle of the river is Belle Isle & others in Downtown Richmond, Virginia. This area is big on Civil War history and Bell Isle is part of that. This old railroad bridge is not from the civil war, but due to that area has fallen under the park's protection just the same. I think I have posted another view of this bridge here before from the other side showing the cityscape in the background. (both urban & decay....lol) ::

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My camera and I have not been getting along lately.

So, in an effort to dispel the photographic phunk i phind (i'll stop now) myself in, i just wandered about the house and took a few pictures. One of them seemed to scream 'urban decay!' at me. Maybe it was just the photoshoppery.

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I've been away from this community for a very, very long time.. but I think I may be back pretty soon with some stuff for you guys. I live in Sacramento, California.. and today, a few of us from my school went downtown. I love old abandoned buildings and such, but I just never go in them and take pictures. My friend Elektra knew some good spots, so we checked out things. We went in this one place that I thought was really weird.. it smelled horrendously of piss. I took about two rolls of pictures [black and whites, it was last minute so I didn't have my camera or color film with me, had to borrow one from school], which I'm hoping will come out okay. [Unfortunately, it was really dark and I didn't have a tripod or a flash or anything.]

I develop my own negatives and print my own prints, so it may be a while until I actually post, but keep an eye out, cause I'd like to get some feedback. I've never really shot urban decay before, so tips would be excellent.

See you in a couple weeks, folks! :)