October 17th, 2004


Beaunit Fibers, Utica NY

I first saw this abandoned factory in 1998 and was fascinated with it for some reason. I procrastinated until 9 October, when I spent the morning exploring it. It is a former rayon manufacturing plant which was shut down in the 1960's, I believe. This small photo is one I took in Nov. '98 with a disposable camera; the recent ones are behind the cut.

I would also like to apologize in advance if these photos are not appropriate. It was difficult to differentiate between obvious machinery and that which might fall in a "grey area"...For me, who was for a moment part of this structure, what I have photographed is an integral part of the being of the building.

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Five Points MARTA Station- Atlanta, Ga

For some reason, I'm obsessed with the public transit systems of major cities. In Atlanta, the transit system is called MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). The largest and busiest station is called Five Points. It's where the East/West and North/South lines cross. It's located in the heart of Downtown, right across of Underground Atlanta.

Well, inside, there are statues on the wall. Normally, I'd expect to see this kind of work on the outside of a building. They even have the weathering that I'd expect to see on an outdoor structure.

Two photos behind the cut.
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The Phred is in the Building

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Это сгоревшие прошлым летом склады Мариинского театра в Санкт-Петербуре, Россия

These are the warehouses which have burned down by the last summer of Mariinsky theatre in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Devils Factory

   The devils factory is an abandoned factory about 5 acres in size, 1 story tall. Every few days new statues show up there, and old ones either disappear, get destroyed or get incorporated into new ones. The statues are often over 30 feet tall. No new car tracks are evident. The factory still has electricity. The logical explanation is of coarse some crazy artist runs off and works there except nobody has ever seen him/her them even though people have tried. Devil worshippers have been known to hangout there and some think that they are the ones responsible for the statues. The theme of some of the statues would be consistent with that (theres always a statue of naked women dancing around naked with the devil). Other statues are so different that they could easily be made by another artist.
   Saturday we headed out to a place in the Manvile/Hilsborough are called Devils Factory. I was there almost exactly a year ago so I had some idea of what to expect, this time I brought a camera. We stopped by the dollar planet and picked up a chew toy. We ran over it with the car and then I had my brother chew on it for a while on the way over. Never under estimate the 'I was walking my dog and it just took off' excuse.
   When we got to our parking spot we noticed a guy hurrying down the tracks and carrying something. As we got out of the car and walked towards the tracks we realized there was a bicycle on the tracks where the guy just walked over them. At that same instant we heard the airhorn of the train. There may still have been time to run over and move the bike out of the way but morbid curiosity got the best of us. We moved back and to the side where we thought it was safe enough to watch. The train smashed into the bicycle with sparks flying and a crunch that was audible over the roar of the engine.
   The only time I've ever heard of people getting hurt of, or getting in trouble at the factory was after dark so I wanted to get in, take pictures and leave quickly. It was already past 5pm so we had to hurray. Just as we started walking into the woods along the railroad tracks I saw a mailman pass us and give us a long uncomfortable look. I knew we were 'made' and normally I'd turn back and make it to the car before I get into trouble but my brother was insistant that it was ok and to keep going. Jane didn't object so I put the mailman out of my mind.
   This was my 3rd time going to the factory so we found it without much trouble. When we went over the hill I wasn't disappointed, the factory was still there just as I had remembered it. We made our way down one side of the building where I knew one of the panels slides over. When we were halfway down we found a door size/shape opening in one of the panels. We entered the factory 1/2 way down the raw materials storage instead of the far side by the managers office like originally planed. We moved towards the statues snaping pictures of the tipped over statues as well as the stuff that was still upright.
   After got pics of statues we started to examine some of the heavy machinery and make our way down the shop floor towards raw materials. We also took pictures of the fuse boxes which are in brand new condition. We circled back and left the same way we came in. As we were walking down the tracks towards the exit we were already planing the rest of the day. When we were about 30 feet from the entrance a hillsborough police department pickup truck appeared at the entrance. There was nowhere to run and he clearly spotted us already. I told my brother to pull out the squaky chew toy and to make it conspicuous and we kept walking towards the entrance and the cop without breaking pace. The cop slowly evened out his car and started driving towards us. When his windows were at level with us he stopped. When he rolled down his window he was almost smiling and looked friendlier then most cops do when busting trespassers. He rambled about homeland security and how they had to be vigilant now, how railroad had the right of way and how it was unsafe for us to be there. He kept glancing over at my brother turning the chew toy in his hand. I was waiting for him to ask for what we were doing there but he wasn't going to give us a chance to feed him a BS story and ask his help looking for a puppy. I promised him we wouldn't take any more shortcuts along the railroad tracks. I was very happy I changed out of the para-militray clothes I usually wear into old worn in jeans and sweat shirt. I was also happy all 3 of us were pasty white. The cop gave us another smile and told us not to come back out there and continued driving down the tracks.