October 23rd, 2004

Goth Kenny Dance

:: Lucky Strike warehouse complex ::

:: I am running through the 300 photos I have of the Lucky Strike buildings on Tobacco row in the Shockoe Bottom section of Richmond, Virginia. Not sure if I like this image, but here is a teaser of what I found inside the first building I have explored. ::

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one of my favourite cases of urban decay is the Michigan Theatre in downtown Detroit. now, only the adjacent Michigan Building is used and the theatre is the parking garage. i had heard a lot about the garage being really pretty so i ended up down there one day. i talked the security guard into letting us in for "five minutes only" having convinced i was a professional photographer. (all lies) and it really blew me away. when you are on the third (top) floor of the garage, you're still 30 feet under the ceiling. the balcony is still dangling for a few levels. the walls are knocked down, the marble columns and chandeliers are ripped out but all the painted glory is still there for the viewing. one thing does still remain, the mirrors by the windows are still in tact, only one is broken.

anyways, the pictures were a little big, so i made an album for you to look at.

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