November 2nd, 2004


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Explored an old warehouse today around the corner from Savage Arms in Utica NY. Thought I walked into a hazmat situation because the second floor was filled with drums but they turned out to be empty olive oil drums :-)Here's a shot of one of the windows; almost makes me think my old boss worked there once *lol*

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The History behind the decay?

While I find it interesting to look at all the beautiful photography on this group, what I'm really curious about is the history behind the photos. When someone posts a picture of an old factory that's run down and no longer in use, I want to know who used to own it and why it's not in use.

I was in Rochester, NY the other day and my boyfriend pointed out a row of buildings to me. He said they were condemned because they were TB wards. He was under the impression that TB doesn't die out for a good many years, so those buildings can't be touched. I have no idea how true that statement is, but it leaves me worried for the adventurous folk who inhabit this community.