November 7th, 2004


Athens, Greece. Once more

c/p: I am pretty sure you've all seen the Acropolis. (Which btw is called the Parthenon & not Acropolis.) anyway, it's the only picture _I_ have taken of it, without ending up with a blurry 1024x768 mess. In my defense, I don't use a tripod or anything similar to it & with my 24/7 shaky hands it's pretty tough. So I am proud of this picture. (though it could have been better)
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This is the old lock on the door into the guards' watchtower at the Old Geelong Gaol.
The gaol has been closed down now for well over 10 years, but the local Rotary Group keep it open for tours.
One of the old guys on the front desk took us behind the gaol and unlocked the watchtower for us so that we could take some photographs.
The Gaol itself is an interesting place. Built in the 1800's it is cold and very uncomfortable. I wouldn't like to have had to stay there. Chopper Reid was incarcerated there for a while back when it was still operating.


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Detail from the facade of a decaying house I see on my way to work. (Bucharest, Romania)
As a random piece of info: the withered tree you see in the window frame is most likely to have been a Christmas tree, dumped there after the winter holidays.
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