November 14th, 2004

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This post consists of a few exterior shots of a pre-WWI factory in the west end of Toronto, Ontario (Canada). The site had a boiler house, one out-building and its own railway siding. This was the home of The Canada Linseed Oil Mills Limited. From what I know the company had its headquarters in Montreal and existed from the early 1900s to the mid 1960s.

Linseed oil is edible and was used for a variety of things including animal feed products and in the manufacture of linoleum. This particular site is rather sorely polluted - judging by official city signage and other warnings posted by an abatement firm.

I'd hoped to get inside and thought it would be an easy Sunday morning explore. The hazard and "no trespassing" signange is all fairly new and I was taken aback by it so I stayed out. My camera battery died anyway. No shot therefore of the outbuilding which was a two-storey brick box to the west.

The plant is next to a small park in an area that is gentrifying fairly quickly. Perhaps I can win lotto and see the inside by purchasing a loft there!


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This is an abandoned office building in the Mojave desert.It is said to be Satan's realm: the beast entices urban explorers inside and eats their digital cameras.Spooky.