November 15th, 2004

Urban Decay

Curb Your Dog

I’ve never been one for creative borders, but I always really like it when I see it on other people’s photos. Anyway, here’s my attempt. Not sure if I like it or not. I saw this sign yesterday while walking around with my pup in the East Village. I guess people on this block wanted to let the city know what they thought of picking up after there dog.

Anyway, I loved the colors and how chaotic it seemed and I wanted to extend that chaos out onto the edges.

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Hello all. I actually joined up today but.. I've been watching the community for a little over a month.. I havent posted anything yet(duh) and won't be able to for maybe another 2 or 3 weeks (still trying to surface my camera out of storage). But I live in the bay area of California. To Be more specific, The San Francisco Area of CA.

I'm anxious to contribute, as much decay as there is in SF, whether or not it's being torn down or refurbished, I'd like to contribute photos of around SF. There are many small town ghetto's and old buildings (almost victorian) in areas east of SF, and they are ALWAYS in a state of urban decay, by both society and time. So I'd like to share it. i think of a lot of it as SF's history and how the bay area expanded from there. Crossing my fingers hoping I find my camera soon.
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These are abandoned buildings in a hairy neighbourhood of Taskent.While taking this picture I've been stabbed in the stomach twice.I managed to hold back the bleeding and make the exposure.Then the police started chasing me because this is a restricted area and i ignored twenty "No trespassing" signs.