November 23rd, 2004

Urban Decay

Water Damage

This is cropped in from the original image of what I believe was an old light. It was the colors that drew me in. Looking at it this morning on my work computer I think that it looks a bit dull, and I was slightly disappointed. I even reedited here. Something I never do. It was so much more vibrant on my Mac last night. Arg. Anyway, the new one arrived yesterday and I’m going to calibrate it with the end goal being for print as a way to try and normalize what I’m doing and seeing all over.

Other than that, the border on two sides of this image was actually the wall behind.

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Drawbridge - Ghost Town.

Drawbrdige - Bay Area's ghost town. It is located in the heart of Bay Area, but barely anyone knows about it. That was the fate of a bustling resort, a city of several hotels and multiple hunting clubs, a host of casinos and brothels during Prohibition, to turn into a slough. The last resident left Drawbridge in 1979. There are no roads leading to it. And no train makes a stop there any more.


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