November 28th, 2004

my name up in lights


Queen Street West (nr. Jameson Ave)
Toronto, ON
Pigeon droppings on a commercial building.

This pile has been sitting above the sidewalk for some time and it was beginning to bother me. I sent this picture to my city councillor a week ago and she hasn't deigned to reply to me yet. I asked if her if this kind of thing contravened a bylaw of some sort and would she mind passing on my concerns to the appropriate city department. I still hope the owner of this property can be made to see the light and clean things up.

A lot of what we see in this LJ is the result of conscious human decision making. What we see here is not accidental and random. This is the crusty, unsightly result of some a**hole not taking care of their building or giving a damn about the public. Cities are like teeth - if we decide not to care for them they rot. It's the decisions that do the damage.

first time post

I have really enjoyed watching this community, and
I've been watching this community for a while, i decided to post.
I realize a lot of people are very anti photoshop and art in this community so please erase this if its not appropriate. (I will also post some clean photos of just the images soon, once my server isn't being picky)
I took hundreds of pics at Dallas' out door steam museum, its all old steam engines and some diesels as well.
some interiors and mostly exterior shots turned into these art works
i have 3
the first one is
"Steam Field 1"

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