November 29th, 2004

Urban Decay

Purple Dots

I meant to post these yesterday but things got a bit hectic around the house. These were taken on Saturday while walking back from the gym. I actually saw them two weeks ago but just didn’t have time to stop, so I made a point to walk that way just to take some shots.

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my name up in lights

Guano 2

A recent posting from me sparked a modest thread in which leftyrok expressed an interest in seeing the entirety of a particular building. Here it is for the community at large. The building used to have two of those nice pointy roofs. You can see them in the first historical postcard on this page. This building was at the very top of a street of large and impressive Victorian/Edwardian homes with big porches, stained glass, huge trees. Literally the entire street was bulldozed in the late 1950s - early 1960s and lined with apartment buildings.

(The dome on the building in the post card to the left of the pointy roofs is also long gone)

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low-end digital cameras and nighttime photography

I am constantly passing by beautiful scenes of urban decay - at night. But I have a piece of crap digital camera that is not only extremely obsolete by now (it's a 1.3 megapixel, ancient fuji finepix a101), but it is actively breaking, which is probably because of the time I dropped it in a puddle. So I'm looking for a new camera, and have a question this community might be able to answer.

Do they make low-end digital cameras (say, under $400) that can actually take pictures of buildings at night? I don't know much about the technology of digital cameras and nighttime photography, or photography in general, really, so any info is appreciated. Thanks!