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Urban Decay

December 3rd, 2004

December 3rd, 2004
01:48 am


new work
"Heart song 7" from my heart song series
I took photos at the dallas steam yard with old trains from the steam era
this fan was in the interior of one of the trains,

*again i'm ready to be eaten alive*

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03:30 am
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The Ghost Town of Aghdam
Once a city of over 100,000, today Aghdam is the consummated portrait of the devastation brought by the war. The city was destroyed by Armenian forces to prevent the return of Azeri population. The mosque was the only building spared. The city is now empty - no people, no cars, no sounds - a ghostly atmosphere.

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10:20 am
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I love this community. You all have amazing pics and give great advice, some of which I could use now.

Could you please offer pointers on how SWIM (Someone Who Isn't Me) could gain access to a 6 story abandoned building, that happens to be across the street from City Hall?

No windows are broken, and the doors have padlocks.

SWIM thought perhaps a test would be the way to go - as in pitching a rock and gauging response time, if any. Would that be recommended? Any help would be well received.

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11:26 am
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02:33 pm
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Deserted Village, Watchung reservation, NJ
Click here to see pictures

I LOVE this place! Just went there today with my dogs.

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02:36 pm
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The Trading house of The Economic Society of Officers – Voentorg, 10, Vozdvizhenka Street
‘Voentorg is a ruin which is not a monument of architecture.’ (from an interview of the mayor of Moscow Yuri Louzhkov given to the programme ‘Vesti - Moskva’ in 2003)

The Voentorg amazed Moscovites by its splendid
consistency of style (1914)

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03:00 pm
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Melbourne, Australia
Finally, I have a camera. And to celebrate, I went to visit some of my favourite places in Melbourne...

(Note: Right now I only have photobucket- if the images disappear I'll get a friend with webhosting to put 'em up for me.)

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Current Music: SLO-MO- Boy From The City

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