December 3rd, 2004

new work

"Heart song 7" from my heart song series
I took photos at the dallas steam yard with old trains from the steam era
this fan was in the interior of one of the trains,

*again i'm ready to be eaten alive*
florida girls

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I love this community. You all have amazing pics and give great advice, some of which I could use now.

Could you please offer pointers on how SWIM (Someone Who Isn't Me) could gain access to a 6 story abandoned building, that happens to be across the street from City Hall?

No windows are broken, and the doors have padlocks.

SWIM thought perhaps a test would be the way to go - as in pitching a rock and gauging response time, if any. Would that be recommended? Any help would be well received.

Melbourne, Australia

Finally, I have a camera. And to celebrate, I went to visit some of my favourite places in Melbourne...

(Note: Right now I only have photobucket- if the images disappear I'll get a friend with webhosting to put 'em up for me.)

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