December 15th, 2004


Just joined, it looks neat here.

There's this seemingly abandoned state-owned property smack dab in the middle of my town, next to a cafe, next to a bar.
I can't really figure out what its purpose would be when it was in use, but I'm not really sure if I care, seeing as it's so neat-looking now.

I may include one or two with a person in it.
Don't lynch me.

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Now that it has snowed I need to go back and take some more pictures, the ceiling is almost not there at all, so it'll be pretty interesting. I just scanned some pictures today I took there with my 35mm but unfortunately they're not on the computer I'm on now.

I also found an abandoned paper mill not far from here. Which I'll probably visit within the next few weeks. Everything inside of it seems to be left as it was the day it closed.