December 17th, 2004

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The fifth fort. The line of defense of Kenigsberg.

UPD: Kenigsberg was founded in 1255.
The province was formed 1945 on decision of the Potsdam Conference of the three Great Powers (U.S.S.R, USA and Great Britain) on liquidation of East Prussia, the northern part of the latter passed to the Soviet Union. On April 7, 1946 the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet issued an order "On establishing of the Kenigsberg oblast as part of the RSFSR", and on the 4th of July its administrative centre was renamed Kaliningrad and the province - into Kaliningrad oblast.

In the west and east the oblast borders the Lithuanian Republic on the distance of 280.5 km, in the south - on the Republic of Poland on 231.98 km distance, in the west the oblast is surrounded by the Baltic Sea on the distance of 183.56 km. Kaliningrad is located only 35 km from the Polish and 70 km from the Lithuanian borders. The nearest Russian oblast centre - Pskov is in 800 km and the distance from Kaliningrad to Moscow is 1289 km.

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