December 19th, 2004

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Hi, new to this community. strlen on IRC suggested I start posting some of my relevant photos here. I also know the crazy brit colinryan from efnet IRC.

To take this photo I had to sneak onto government owned land. This is part of a series of photos mostly around the old Oakland Army Base. Originally I went out there to take pictures of an abandoned train from the late 40s but it seems that they have finally scrapped it to make room for the Bay Bridge construction project equipment. The sun was at a horrible angle in the sky and made taking any pictures to the West almost impossible.

Cement moulding factory, Scotland

This unused factory, a couple of minute from my house, formerly produced cement mouldings and was (I think) among the largest producers of such products in Europe. It's been shut for a few years now. Being an urban explorer, I had my eye on it every time I passed it. Finally there was an opportunity to get inside, and I siezed it.

The place is pretty enormous. I can't (obviously) post all the photos of it here, but if you are interested you can check the rest of them out at