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Urban Decay

December 20th, 2004

December 20th, 2004
10:01 am
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Fix-It Shop

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02:26 pm
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Cart Decay
The seedy underbelly of the cart.

The shots behind the cut are not for the weak of heart. They show not only murdered carts but carts torn apart. They were, not surprisingly, found on the wrong side of the tracks.

More Photos the cut. Collapse )

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07:49 pm


It's a toilet
Yes, during my explorations of abandoned places, I take photos of the toilets. Some explorers like to take items (which makes them thieves, but this is no time to debate ethics) but I like to... photograph the old bogs. Here is one of my favourites:

Decayed enough for you?

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10:08 pm


- Incinerator No.3. (Twin Towers)

In 1989, the city of Montreal disposed over two million tones of garbage a year. From 1980 to 1988, there was an increase of 27% of garbage production.

Till 1993, the city of Montreal was burning 300,00 tons of refuse each year at the des Carrieres incinerator (Incinerator No.3.).
However, in 1993, the des Carrieres incinerator was shut down by the government due to the incinerator's aging structure and health hazards. To replace the incinerator, 26 suburbs of Montreal who were using the des Carrieres plant signed a contract with a United States firm named Foster-Wheeler to built a new incinerator situated in Montreal East, on the land formerly occupied by the Esso refinery. This new refinery would have used state-of-the art technology and would have removed all the toxic material. Furthermore, there would have been no homes within one kilometer of the site. However, this plan was canceled because of continuous pressure by the Montreal Citizen Movement and a number of groups including the Order of Engineers. The main reason for their disapproval was that they found the cost of building ($316 million) such plant would be too much for the suburbs. The groups also raised the issue of burning costs. It costs $100 or more to incinerate one ton of waste (Montreal Citizens' Movement councilor, 30 April 1993). If this project went ahead, the new plant could have burnt up to 715,000 ton of garbage per year.

Till 1993, the three incinerators in the province of Quebec were burning 685,000 tons of garbage, which was about 75% of the waste burned in Canada. The new incinerator would have increased this number by 50% (Morin, August/September 1993). However, none of the above plans were ever realized. Incinerators are the least risky for the environment (Hamilton, 21 January 1993). Nevertheless, for every three-ton of waste burnt, one ton of ash is produced which has to be buried in landfills.

So it was shut down in 1993 and in 2000 the city gouvernement thaught to give some locations for Taj Mahal, a skate-park. That didn't work. There was some project for the renovation or whatever, but it's hold by the federal gouvernemt for 2 years because of dangerous levels of contamination.

Now, one side of the building (small part on the first floor) and his enviroment is occupied by Ville de Montreal (city workers). The security is actually pretty good cause it's still a city owned building. This structure is huge: 5 floors, millions of little metal crossing stairs, a lot of different machinery with strange documentation. The power or light is still on, but not every where. It's a really interessting place... Think to go and make another photosession there :)

- More pictures soon on www.tekno-landscapes.com !

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