January 10th, 2006


Since all I got was good reviews...

Here is Rocky Point Part Deux. Fair warning: there's like 20-some odd pictures. This still isn't all, but some are really repetitive. And I'm in two of them because I don't really care. =) Most of these pictures were actually taken by my friend Megan, so really I should be thanking her (and if you like any of the photography skills or shot angles, it's most likely her since I'm not that great). But they're collectively our's as far as I'm concerned, and I really don't think she'll care once I tell her about this community. Neither one of us would have gone without the other, and we explored 20+ places together (we lost count). Anywho:


Megan wants credit for her pictures. So you can find her livejournal here: postitnotepunk and more pictures from places we've been at her website www.geocities.com/lydia_jennings.

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