January 14th, 2006


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Though this is my first shot at posting any of my own content here, I've been looking at the fantastic pictures that everyone here have been sharing for some time and I want to thank everyone who's provided these glimpses into the beauty of things gone by. I love seeing the myriad of different sorts of things that you all find.

I've just recently starting going through a bunch of my old pictures and trying to learn how to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver as I toy with the idea of putting together a photography website. But as I work on that, I thought I'd share a few things I have with various groups who might appreciate them.

Now, I know there have been a lot of pictures of Detroit's Michigan Central Station, both here and in many other places, but I rarely see this angle on it. Out of all of the pictures I took on my trip there, this is definitely the one that most stands out to me. Please feel free to let me know what you think. And if you'd like, feel free to peruse the web gallery I created some time ago with a few more pictures from this trip here.


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