January 20th, 2006


back to the lock

I find myself visiting certain favorite sites almost yearly and getting an idea of how time and decay take their toll. This site is one of my favorites, where a lock used to be in the cumberland river. These are a little more artsy than last time.

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I'm heading to New Orleans for a whirlwind day tour, trying to see how/if some places survived since I haven't been back in years. I'm not sure I'll wind up posting anything, but I'm hoping it's not as bad as I'm afraid it will be.

old school;-)

that's my old school building.unfortunatly now it's taken away. fully destroyed. but last summer it was a great journey in the past. 3 times i was there and it was awesome. old klasses, where you've been from 7 to 12 years...yammi-)

[moscow city]

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