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January 28th, 2006 - Urban Decay

January 28th, 2006

January 28th, 2006
03:16 am
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The death of the Adelphi. Chicago, IL. Last Sunday.
No matter how hard they tried, the last guys in there were just prolonging the inevitable.

Even though the neighborhoods to the north and east are rapidly gentrifying, the world has moved on.
Unfortunately the Adelphi was left behind decades ago.

I made a previous series of posts on the Adelphi.
My first posts were in September of 2004. Here and here.

A little birdy told me that the Adelphi was in her final death throes. So I went to document.

The full set can be found on my personal LJ.

Click here for more pictures from this Sunday. Image heavy, dial up users beware.Collapse )

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11:17 am


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Charleston, South CarolinaCollapse )

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09:12 pm
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