January 30th, 2006

Westin northface
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South Baghdad

I find it somewhat amusing that there aren't any pictures of war zones on this community. Can't get more urban decay than that. Or except maybe ancient ruins. So here's some pictures of both.

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Master Chief
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Empty Farm House - Brookwood UK

On my way to take shots of brookwood cemetary this weekend, I stumbled upon this large empty Farm house that was for sale. Signs warning of CCTV and security patrols accompanied the for sale posters. As it was on a main road and under the watchfull eye of several locals I decided that climbing the fence was not a good idea. So here are some perimeter shots of the main buildings and interesting bits..

If you follow the link to the gallery you can go up a level and see the shots I took of the cemetary too.

thanks to Mads for letting me know about Brookwood Cemetary,

Safe Tea

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