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Urban Decay

March 15th, 2006

March 15th, 2006
09:20 am
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I was driving out  to Birch Bay Washington last fall and noticed a bunch of furniture in a field so of course I ignored the "keep out" sign :)
I think it might have been a small "home" for some homeless people. I also found an old mattress, a refrigerator set up on its side 
so that the door was open and able to make sort of a makeshift shelter for rain I suppose, there were a few chairs and this stove:

I changed the colour/hue/saturation in photoshop for a sort of theme thing I have going on in my living room :)

YAY for junk in fields!

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05:08 pm
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Chester Hide and Skin: Part III

Part I - The Exterior
Part II - Building 1
Part III - Building 2
Part IV - Building 3

fter exploring Building 1, I climbed the stairs between Buildings 2 & 3 to take some more photos of the exterior while the light was still good, most of which were presented in Part I. While wandering around the front of the building, a pick-up truck rolled-in on the tiny driveway and pulled to the rear of the building where my truck was parked. The driver couldn't see me because I was obscured by the edge of the building. I decided that it would be best if I walked back down those stairs and present myself, as I was technically a trespasser. As I emerged from the stairwell I saw a man walking from the truck toward the building. I began waving an arm high above my head, moving toward him

As I got within speaking range I greeted him and told him I was stuck in the area waiting for a load down the street in the industrial park, motioning to my road tractor idling nearby. My camera was visible and obvious, so I told him I had seen the old building and was just taking some pictures. He and his business partner were renting some space in the lower level of Building 2, operating a small snow plowing and salting service for the various commercial properties in the area. He had come to the building because he had misplaced his wallet and was hoping to find it somewhere inside.

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07:45 pm
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Just a question to the members here. (I hope this is allowed)

Have any of you heard of the Urban Exploration Resource? It's a pretty interesting site and has quite an extensive database.
Although you need to be a member (you can join the forum, but you need to be granted full access - I got mine easily by posting two locations in the forum), you can browse the majority of the locations in the database. Some are for full members only, but you can view a lot.
Is anyone else a member here?

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