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Urban Decay

March 17th, 2006

March 17th, 2006
02:48 am
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I loves the rusty....

A truck down the street...faboo!

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11:28 am
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Moderator update...
Once again, another quick moderator announcement, but this time to introduce the moderators that have been added to help out with this community. From the UK I have added privateskylark, and from the US, fullspeedaheadx and kungfoogirl. We now have coverage from more varied locations around the world ( as recalcitrant, who has been a moderator here for a very long time, is from Australia)., so hopefully there will be little to no delay with posts being approved, and problems, should any arise, getting taken care of.

I am keeping the additional moderator applications that I have received and if the need for any additional moderators arises, I will contact those who I did not at this time add.


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Current Music: Letterbox - They Might Be Giants - Flood

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07:14 pm
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moscow russia
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