March 26th, 2006

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I just spent a week in Guatemala on a service trip and I was absolutely amazed by some of the beauty of the decay-- some of the damage was related to earthquakes and not just decay but I think that its close enoughCollapse )

The Packard Plant, Detroit Michigan

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This was my third time going to the Packard's been amazing each time. I just wish there had been better light and we hadn't had to leave after only a few hours (once the sun sets it's pretty pointless to be in there)

Also, before this we ran into the artist Tyree Guyton who is the creatore of the Heidelberg Project ( which is something I think anyone interested in Urban Decay would be interested in.

If you're ever in detroit, you should visit it. I also recommend checking out the website and learning what it's all about and volunteering to help if you can :)
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