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Urban Decay

April 2nd, 2006

April 2nd, 2006
09:55 am


on a bike track
some part of east Melbourne

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02:01 pm
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Russia, Kaliningrad

the inscription at the building: "REVOLUTION IS OUR AIM"

Посмотреть в полный размер, 74,19 КБ, 800x600Collapse )

Картинка 300x449, 47,30 КБCollapse )

Картинка 800x600, 75,33 КБCollapse )

Посмотреть в полный размер, 111,68 КБ, 600x450Collapse )

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05:10 pm
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10:00 pm


amsterdam, march 2006

shot with a 1952 DDR Praktica FX/Classic Pan 400 film

buy a print

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