April 6th, 2006

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Shady Lane Mobile Home Court

Abandoned Portland Ave Mobile Home Park
Bloomington, MN.

By the time I got there yesterday, most of the homes had been broken into and ransacked. The saddest thing I'd seen there was a note to a friend of a trailer owner saying that she'd be back on Tuesday and hopefully her trailer wouldn't have been broken into by then.

Her's had the windows and doors kicked in and was entirely looted.

Back before this trailer park was condemned, and back when my city was little more than a country town composed mostly of farm land, both sides of my family started out here. Back before there was a lot that this town had to offer, since it didn't start to grow until after the second world war. My mom in one lot, living on her own as a teenager in a big world. My father, uncle, aunt, who while in her late forties now was a baby at the time, and paternal grandmother living in a lot a row down from my mother. They've been out of these places for over 30 years now.

This was before it became a haven for crime and other sundry things. The people who left were forced out of here, most of them unwillingly, were angry. They left their homes and most of their possessions behind. Their homes in a month will be demolished and turned into a condo.

My oldest friend and her mother, she was one of my mom's few childhood friends... they lived here. Their trailer was one of only ones not broken into and looted. One of my mother's other friends, who died of cancer well over ten years ago, well, his trailer is still here too, empty after all those years. Abandoned and rotting away, the porch having entirely caved in so there was no access to see what of his might be left to salvage.

Walking into the park is walking into a surreal nightmare. You feel unsafe, doors are pried open and there's glass and broken things everywhere. Parts of old trailers are flipped, the bottoms ripped open violently, in a hurry, like monsters tried to escape.

A lot of my pictures from this shoot are blurry, so I will only post the best shots I have from my trip. If you're interested further, I can link you to my entire gallery, including the pictures that are blurry. There is one blurry picture I will post, of cars, to give you an extent of what people just left here. I only have a 2MP camera that's pushing four years old now, so sorry for the less than stunning quality, also.

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