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Urban Decay

April 20th, 2006

April 20th, 2006
05:46 am
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A photographer Michael Wolf has a series called Hong Kong: Architecture of Density where he takes pictures of buildings that house a ton of people in a very small space, buildings that often are also in need of repair.

A typical shot looks like this:

And the rest are here on his site.

My favorites are #a08, #a22, #a27, #a29 and #a48 and if you go up to "Projects" on his site, the rest of his photography is great as well.

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04:46 pm
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Medical Arts Building, Atlanta
Image hosting by Photobucket

I know that at least one exterior shot of this building has been posted since I've been a member of the community, but I got to (completely legally) go inside today and have a tour for work.

I didn't get a shot of the front facade, but here's a link with some info:

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05:50 pm


I took this photo today near Luckie Street in Atlanta. If anyone is familiar with the area, this is right across the street from the Tabernacle.

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06:43 pm
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As promised in a previous post...
We walked back to the abandonned place near where we live (Besançon, France) and we went in the creepy basement once again for more pictures.

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This place is huge... we keep finding new rooms / buildings to explore!

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