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May 3rd, 2006 - Urban Decay

May 3rd, 2006

May 3rd, 2006
03:06 pm


Rust-2. New Westminster, Canada

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07:02 pm
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Wonderful Abandoned Church, Albany New York.....
First an introduction....Hello all, my name is Jay A.K.A. finmoxa I had just posted this set in rural_ruin, and someone suggested that I post them here as well. I have never owned a camera nor have I ever been much of a photographer. I have always been a lover of photography, and old abandoned places, I just never had the means to indulge. That all changed the other day. For dirt cheap (read probably hot) I happily purchased a Canon Power Shot SD550 Digital Elph, and immediately started snapping photos. I have absolutely no idea if I am a "good photographer" but plan on trying to become one, so please feel free to comment on these pictures. All input is very appreciated, and I take criticism very well. I plan investing much time in my new hobby, and any help or thoughts are more than welcome...

So now without any further rambling, on to the church. I have no idea of the actual name of it, but it is located on the corner of Green and Waterlo streets in downtown Albany NY. Any info would be great!!

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Onto the pictures....very much not dial-up friendlyCollapse )

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