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Urban Decay

May 22nd, 2006

May 22nd, 2006
02:09 am
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The inner yard of an abandoned house in Tartu, Estonia

52,70 КБ

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08:03 am
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Urban Decay Textures
Place: Gertsen Health And Recreation Centre
Location: 60kms from Moscow Russia
Object Story: estate used to belong to one of Ekaterina II The Great lovers, later on it was expropriated by communists, plate on a wall says Lenin have been staying here for a while. currently it's being restaurated to be shot in some kinda horror movie... dunno, we reckon it doesn'n need any makeover to become a horror background, it's already a perfect one

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08:05 am
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Budapest 2004
One of the typical apartment blocks in the city, built around a central courtyard

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11:51 am


a few of you may apprechiate this...

Sergei Minenok - Pamiat aka The Memory

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01:16 pm
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Old & burnt catholic school
Good morning.

I've been looking at your pictures for so long, but never put one of my own. That's because I'm very clumsy and all my pictures were stinky scum. But yesterday, I went to an old school, that was set on fire 30 or 40 years ago, and abandoned. The entry is not specifically forbidden, but it's better not to be seen there, because it is situated in the middle of a very VIP zone, and one of the neighbours could call the police between two martinis. :)


Colegio católico quemado y abandonado.

Barrio residencial de Somió.
Gijón, Asturias (Spain)


Se derrumbó como los muros de Jericó

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More pics on next sunday!

Constant Reader.

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08:43 pm


these have been sitting around since 2003, so apologies for any coffee stains.

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11:51 pm
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Russia | Moscow | Spring

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