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Urban Decay

July 2nd, 2006

July 2nd, 2006
09:01 am


Former russian army base – Dresden, Germany – in June 2006


In the early ninetees, when the Russians went back home,

they left behind a lot of army strongholds in the east part

of germany. Areas were nothing happend since then.

One in particular is located very close to my family´s garden

in Dresden. I remember, when I was a little boy, me and my

friends were really curious and excited what´s behind the walls.

We peeked trough the holes or climbed the walls to see what´s

inside. Sometimes, we abused them and run away. However …

more than ten years left since I was inside the area. Not much

reminds of the old times, but … this is how it looks today:

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02:18 pm
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03:05 pm


so it's about time for a new digital slr.
for the last year i've been shooting with an older canon D30.
i'm looking to stay canon just so all of my lenses and everything will be compatible,
but here's my problem:

digital rebel XT vs. 20D

as much as i would LOVE a 20d, i've heard the image quality is more or less the same on both cameras?
for some reason i have the impression that the price difference is in the build quality or the camera.
i'm not a huge fan or the way the xt is set up control-wise, but if it would save be like $400 i could learn to deal with it.

has anyone here had much experiance with either camera?
do you think the 20D is worth the extra $400-$500?

any opinions of either camera would be a huge help.

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07:01 pm


Uzi Alley part 2
we went back to woodland meadows today. there were some lights still on in a few of the buildings and i heard at least one air conditioner running. you would think that with 3000 people being displaced the city or the owner would turn the electricity off.

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