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Urban Decay

July 4th, 2006

July 4th, 2006
01:56 am
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urban decay_decay

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11:56 am
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Regent Park, Toronto

Regent Park is a public housing tract in downtown Toronto. While nowhere near the disaster that was Pruitt-Igoe there remain good reasons for tearing it down - the most serious being that the buildings are simply decrepit. I watch its demise with very mixed emotions, on the one hand I've seen some horrible things there that no person should have to endure in a country as wealthy as ours; on the other hand, people who have made good and mostly happy lives for themselves. I think in the end all one can say about it is that every brick is saturated with the intensity of life that place has seen.

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06:09 pm
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Seattle Street Art
Just some street art I've found around town.


The Ave, the U District

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07:04 pm


The old YWCA
I would have loved to go in, but they plan on refurbishing it so it's locked up tight.

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