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Urban Decay

July 16th, 2006

July 16th, 2006
01:04 pm
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Medianeras. That's the name given in Barcelona to the walls still standing after an adjacent house has fallen apart or has been destroyed (think real estate speculation.) The walls bravely stay there and reveal snippets of the history and intimacy of the defunct house: silhouette of staircases, wallpapers slowly peeling off, shadows of the wardrobes, remains of bathrooms, plugs, etc.

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04:24 pm
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The UI&S Co (Now with a properly syntaxed cut tag! Sorry, mods!)

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06:52 pm
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pics&ruins of Moscow

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11:06 pm
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Beautiful and Rotting Building
Fernhill Park - Philadelphia:

It appears to be wide open. Kind of a sketchy part of town, so I did not go in. But if anyone in the Philly area wants to check out with me - let me know.

Another similar image behind cut.

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11:48 pm
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Seoul - Guro "Digital Complex"
my first post after lurking for some time.
hope it fits right in, here.

the digital complex is being built west of the subway stop "guro digital complex"
on the other side, however, i espy beautiful orange apartment buildings.

First sight after going in

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Current Location: seoul korea

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