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Urban Decay

August 1st, 2006

August 1st, 2006
01:26 pm
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Moscow, Russia
House places not far from Tzvetnoy bulvar

three moreCollapse )

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01:55 pm
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05:43 pm


This was a while back.

Downtown TampaCollapse )

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06:12 pm
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My abandoned searches..
Here is the link to all my urben decay photographs,
the album consists of

Abandoned mobile home park/abandoned bus and limo lot(across the street) in Oswego, New York
Abandoned Historical House in Exton, Pennsylvania
Abandoned Industrial Park in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Abandoned Train station in Valley Forge Park, Pennsylvania
Abandoned cars in Berwyn Train station parking lot/abandoned stores near train station, Berwyn Pennsylvania
Stationed USS battleship New Jersey, New JErsey/ Philadelphia

(Caitlin Morrissey's PHotography- abandoned)

any critique is welcome

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