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Urban Decay

September 1st, 2006

September 1st, 2006
08:09 am
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Russian military base...
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09:32 am
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Hannover [church after war]

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04:19 pm
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Strathmore Paper Mill
More adventuring around the area! This paper mill was shut down I think in 1998, Not excatly sure. My friend and I thought the place was abandoned but little did we know that there are still guards that patrol the buildings..no wonder there were lights on! Heh..We didn't get caught, thankfully.

100_0052, originally uploaded by BirdyMcQ.

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11:28 pm
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Foxwood Apartments.
Location: Mesquite, TX

Almost two weeks ago, part of Foxwood Apartments (an apartment complex next to mine) got burnt down. 42 people lost their homes and 1 man lost his life. Police believe the fire was started from a Meth Lab!

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I'm going to try and take more pictures this Sunday and post them on Monday.

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