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Urban Decay

September 6th, 2006

September 6th, 2006
12:12 am
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Old Building, Moscow
46,85 КБ
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01:10 am
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Kansas City, Missouri.
First post.

Ambulance on blocks
Canon 20D.
F:10 1/250" ISO:400

About 4 blocks from my apartment. I saw this from my car and had to double back to make sure I wasnt losing it.

Kind of silly.

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02:57 pm
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19 hidden treasures in one block :)
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07:12 pm
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Drawings for The Wounded City

I just completed these drawings for the Urban Naturalist. These are for the chapter called "The Wounded City."

I really want to help people see cities as natural environments. I think a lot of the trouble we run in to with development and pollution is in part due to our lack of regard for green nature, but also our lack of regard for the places that people do use. Cities are environments too. To care for the city is a way of showing love for the environment.

There is more to environmentalism than planting trees. By preserving dense vibrant urban spaces we give those trees a place to grow.

These drawings were inspired by New Jersey and the South Bronx (circa 1979.) -- The second drawing could also be the inner-city ring of Cleveland or Pittsburgh today.

To, save the planet, save the city.

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07:22 pm
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Amusement Park Part Deux

coaster curves

x-posted to abandonedplaces

lots more in my journal

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