November 2nd, 2006

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NEW community

I just created a community chicago_urbex where Chicago area UrbEx-ers can network and EVERYONE is welcome to join and view the great urban decay of the Windy City (and post some if you're visiting and capture some amazing shots when you're here).

A random shoot I did to finish a roll of film from an unrelated shoot turned into some GREAT shots for a first posting. ENJOY, everyone!
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Brooklyn NY art house "Broken Angel" fire and possible condemnation

The Broken Angel is a landmark in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY. Arthur Wood, a 75-year-old self-taught artist, and his wife Cynthia, have embellished the original structure of their home with unusual additions, stained glass, and other architectural elements. It made a noteworthy appearance in Dave Chappelle's Block Party, too.

Recently, the building caught fire due to "natural causes," and has now been declared hazardous by the Department of Buildings</a> [New York Times, may require login]. (This blog post has more pics and links to the Woods' son Christopher's Flickr album.) The Woods are now soliciting donations to cover the expenses of hiring an architect/contractor to bring the building up to code, or they face eviction.

Liz O. Bahlen/New York Times

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