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Urban Decay

December 5th, 2006

December 5th, 2006
01:21 am
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My FIRST urbex experience!!!
It was a bone-chilling 15 degrees outside as we gathered to go exploring, but I dressed in layers and for the most part stayed warm. We visited three places on our trip, the first of which we returned to later with people who had arrived a bit later. It was an incredible trip and I'm looking forward to the next outing I'm able to go on with even more eagerness and readiness than I was with this trip! These were shot with my brand new Minolta DiMAGE Z6...and although I had it on the wrong setting most of the time, I LOVE the camera!

Broken urbex cherryCollapse )

The best part of this?? It's only the beginning!!!


Current Mood: coldfrozen
Current Music: "Cry Little Sister" - The Lost Boys OST

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01:26 am
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Off Hertel, Buffalo, NY

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11:41 pm
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Traverse City, MI.

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