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Urban Decay

December 10th, 2006

December 10th, 2006
02:17 pm
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Old Police Headquarters in NYC

Built 1910, the top pic is of the former Police Headquarters Building and is the entire block on Centre Street from Grand Street to Broome Street. Now, it's an ueber yuppie 55-unit condo with huge "No Trespassing" signs out in the front and guards that look really bored. Just FYI, the "new" police plaza was built in the 70's (I think) and looks terrible.

Across the street on the Centre Market Place side, are more residences that I can't afford, however one place (bottom pic) refuses to let go of it's roots and still has the worn out sign that reads:

Humans Police Equip. Inc.
New York, NY
Brescia, Italy

I'm sure it'll go condo/coop soon too.

I'll let you know when it does.

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06:01 pm
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dear portland, oregon....i love you.
just poring over photographs from our latest trip to portland...

i took this batch of a telephone pole in knob hill. the city's filled with these archival relics. they're caked with layers of staples and torn posters, revealing stories and imagery that mark the passage of time. i don't know whether to photograph them or strip them bare to hoard the graphics for future collages. i spent a good portion of time peeling off expired fliers from SE poles two nights ago, but, i only scratched the surface. i'm afraid portland would be TOO clean if i got my grubby little mits on it, though. there's a certain charm to urban decay, but too much grit can look unkempt, unsafe and downright disturbing. while too little can look disneyland-ish, void of character, antiseptic and just as unsettling. but, portland?...weeeeeell, she just keeps her recipe for success to herself. like all women of mystery..it just keeps 'em wanting more.

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10:08 pm
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