December 15th, 2006

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Old House on the River

These are photos from a trip to a house on a place called Dragon Point, in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, on the tip of Merritt Island (I'm not technically sure which the land is officially on).

It's named Dragon Point because the same rich old man who built the house at the end of the island,which splits the river, had a dragon built at the very tip (I heard for his daughter), and you could go inside and it was used as another party room. Knowing people who had gone in, they say it was modeled inside after a Flintstones cartoon home, and you could look out the dragon's eyes and spy on boaters and people fishing off the nearby bridge. For me, I grew up looking at it as an iconic thing- whenever you drove over the bridge, you pressed your face against the window and tried to get as good of a look as you could. I'm not sure when the house was left (it's still up for sale), but not too many years ago the dragon crumbled and since the original designer of the dragon died, there are no plans to restore it, even though it was sort of a landmark for the area.

I walked out to the dragon once, when it was too dark for pictures, and I tend to worry about going back because while the rich people along that road seem not to care what you do, there's constant boat patrol on either side of the house, and not too many hiding places (I've rowed past before, and it's easy to see into the windows). The constant patrol is generally for good reason- My friend informed me of this place after he attended a kegger there.
These pictures are taken from an old lj entry I made, and I'm not sure why, but from that trip most of my full-room pictures came out blurry. The house, while not extremely old, has a very historic feel to it, and most of the top floor seems to be modeled after the old houses you sometimes find in Florida.

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