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Urban Decay

January 12th, 2007

January 12th, 2007
07:10 am
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Wichita, Kansas -- Abandoned School Downtown

Was able to get a peek inside the Carleton school this afternoon.  On east side of Broadway just north of Kellogg.  Might visit again sometime as it was a neat place. Many hobo-beds, graffiti (curiously most of this was on the 3rd floor only), and lots of bird shit. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. For a history about the school: http://www.wichitaphotos.org/plans/8th_grade/carleton.asp 

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08:22 am
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Call for photos.
Do you have some photos whose copyright you own that you would be willing to add to the collection at wikimedia?


This grouping of images should relate to urban decay. Right now there are only a few images from New York City. Please consider contributing to this project. Tag the images you upload with:

[[Category:Urban decay]]

so that I can find them and add them (or just add them yourself.) For a better idea of what to include please read the article on urban decay here:



PS. I don't know id anyone here helped but the category for urban decay was not deleted! As promised, I'm doing all I can to expand and improve this section of wikipedia.

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05:31 pm
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Building being torn down and recycled

Here is a view of an old lumber mill that's being taken down and its pieces used for new projects.

I restrained myself from opening the 'fridge, just in case...

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07:44 pm


more in the journal!

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