February 13th, 2007

Former Asylum, Willard NY: Part 1 (X-posted everywhere)

It's been a long time since I've posted, but I finally have some photos worth sharing. This past weekend I took a trip from NYC to Willard, NY in the Finger Lakes region to do some filming with our prod company. Willard, at one time, was a psychiatric hospital. In the 90s, it closed its doors and now the area is used as a voluntary drug rehab clinic for non-violent offenders who are looking to reduce prison sentences and clean up their act. I happen to have an in there with a friend of mine who's father is the supervisor at the drug clinic. He has access to ALL of the abandoned buildings on the grounds. The trip was a bit of a tease, as we only got to spend an hour exploring, but I'm sure we'll be going back eventually. I need to see more of this place, it's an absolute gem. A horror movie just waiting to be filmed. Without further ado, here are the exterior shots I took of the abandoned asylum in Willard, NY. Part 2 will delve inside one of the buildings on the complex.

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Former Asylum, Willard NY: Part 2 (X-posted everywhere)

Now I take you into one of the buildings on the Willard Complex. The building's name is Pines, and I don't know much else about it other than it was used to house patients. Most of what we found inside were patients' rooms. We also traveled into the basement which was like a Roman catacomb. The masonry was beautiful, but unfortunately it was so dark even the flash on my camera didn't do much good. I did manage to take a few, however. For your viewing pleasure, here is the interior of Pines in Willard, NY.

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What up all.

I am desperately looking for abandoned amusement parks located in northeastern Pennsylvania / Pocono Mt. area. I have found and gone to a bunch, but most of them have been cleared out of all their ruins.
*If anyone can help, that'd be amazing.

<3 Chrissy