March 9th, 2007

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Hudson, NY- location photos for short film

Hello! Long time watcher, first time writer here (LTWFTW!). I recently finished production on a short independent/student film shot in Hudson, New York. It's a soft-science-fiction piece about nomadic survivors exploring an abandoned city. Hudson was the perfect place to shoot, and during location scouting I snapped lots of reference photos. I figured I would share them with you here!

Griffin Warehouse

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The finished film will be ready sometime in May. It will be premiering at various locations in Hudson, and also at Simon's Rock College in Great Barrington, MA. The movie has a slow pace and no dialogue, with a primary focus on the environment and how it affects the characters. Considering its relevant theme of urban decay, I was thinking of posting the trailer and/or short clips once they are ready. If that's not appropriate for this community, though, just let me know. I'll also understand if I have to remove the actor photos.