April 21st, 2007

South Park Me

Where Once We Gazed Up At The Stars


I've been watching for a bit, but this is my first post. And I apologize in advance because I am in no way a photographer! That said, this place is pretty interesting. It's an abandoned observatory in East Cleveland, Ohio. It was built in 1919 and was once part of Case Western Reserve University. Although once considered quite "state of the art", what did in the Warner and Swasey Observatory was actually light pollution as the city began to encroach further and further into the "remote" suburbs of Cleveland's east side. It was abandoned as an actual observatory in 1978 and as a research facility in the early 1980's. People keep buying it in hopes of renovating it into something else, but it's been sitting like this for a long time.

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Well, that's it. Sorry I cannot seem to figure out how to post larger pictures, but I know you can click on them see a larger view. Yeah, I suck!

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